Reload (DVD)


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The movie Reload is a true story about a young man, Francois de Jager, who grew up in a very unstable home. His father was an alcoholic and his mother had an afair with another man. His parents eventually got divorced when Francois was a little boy aged 7. This left him empty and confused. He started to search for meaning in his life. He wanted to be accepted by his friends, because of severe rejection.
This feeling of emptiness and rejection encouraged Francois to go on a quest to fill that void in his life. He started smoking, drinking and became an alcoholic at the age of 15. Using drugs, having sex, sometimes forced, with several girls. He joined a gang who was very violent. One day he wanted to stab a man with 2 knives, but he ended up in jail. He was released after 24 hours.
He ended up on the streets, with no friends or family. Only a few homeless people until a couple took mercy on him..

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