Fasting With The Lord’s Prayer – Elmer L. Towns


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Prayer and Fasting go hand in hand. Jesus taught the Lord s Prayer as the model for how to pray and showed us that when we prayed this way, it praises God and covers everything believers need in this life to attain eternal happiness. The Bible teaches fasting as an expression of faith in God s word and will. When Jesus taught His disciples to pray the Lord s Prayer, He immediately concluded, Now when you fast… (Matthew 6:16). Fasting with the Lord s Prayer will invigorate your faith because it offers hope to those who worship through prayer and fasting, for when we worship God, he comes to receive our worship. Towns explains the importance of prayer and fasting as well as six ways to fast, then examine in depth the seven petitions of the Lord s Prayer and conclude with 21-day fasting devotional. Readers will experience deep spiritual results when two of the most powerful resources God has given us for our faith and ministry praying the Lord s Prayer and fasting, are combined in intercession to God.


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