Understanding love for a lifetime – Myles Munroe


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At one point or another every newlywed couple has to face the question, “Okay, we’re married; now what?” They have entered into a lifelong relationship with each other, but how do they make it work? How do they build a successful life together, a marriage characterized by a lifetime of love, joy, friendship, and fruitfulness?
In Understanding Love for a Lifetime, Dr. Myles Munroe answers these and other questions that all newly married couples face. Thoroughly biblical and eminently practical, this book addresses such critical but too-often neglected marital issues as communication, financial management, developing true intimacy, and family planning and parenting.

Understanding Love for a Lifetime is a simple and refreshingly lucid guide that will help newlywed or soon-to-be-wed couples chart their way to marital success and avoid the “reefs” that could cause their marriage to flounder.

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