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New living translation The Five Love Languages Devotional Bible Black Leatherlike – Devotional notes by Gary Chapman
Spend each day growing in the Word of God and drawing closer as a Couple
Spend each day growing in the Word of God and drawing together as a couple with the practical counsel of Dr. Gary Chapman.

Gary Chapman’s readers call his teaching relevant, helpful, simple, effective … and he brings this style to The Love Languages Devotional Bible. As you read through Scripture together, you will enjoy brief devotional readings that apply the text to your relationships, and you’ll deepen your understanding of God and each other.

Research has shown that couples who read their Bibles and pray together enjoy a much healthier relationship. The Love Languages Devotional Bible is designed to make reading God’s Word and praying together as a couple enjoyable and rewarding.

Topics include communication, expectations, roles, sex, conflict, money, children, in-laws, and more.
Key features include:
• New Living Translation, clear and elegant, ideal for reading aloud
•Scripture reading plan, makes it easy to read through the entire Bible in a year
•260 daily devotions, one for each weekday
•52 feature articles, one for each weekend
•Prayer guides, reduce awkwardness by providing specific cues
•Select readings address a wide variety of couple-oriented topics
•Bible book introductions provide context and essential background information

About the Author

He is perhaps best known for his concept of “Five Love Languages”, helping people speak and understand emotional love when it is expressed through one of five languages: words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, or physical touch. Chapman argues that while each of these languages is enjoyed to some degree by all people, a person will usually speak one primary language, but all are important and can be ranked after taking the love language profile. He has also authored the Five Love Language concept books for parents of children and teenagers, single adults, and a special version for men. He has co-authored The Five Languages of Apology with Dr. Jennifer Thomas, which focuses on giving and receiving apologies. Additionally, Chapman co-authored The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace with Dr. Paul White, applying the concepts to work-based relationships.

He is married to Karolyn J. Chapman (born 1939). They have two adult children, Shelley and Derek.

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