Four Blood Moons – Companion – Study Guide & Journal – John Hagee


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Includes Full-Color Foldout Timeline. The Four Blood Moons signal that something big is about to happen.
Are you ready? In Four Blood Moons, Pastor John Hagee reveals the astounding prophetic significance of the Four Blood Moons of 2014-2015. In this companion study guide and journal, he equips you to be prepared for what lies ahead.
This timely, essential companion resource includes:
An eight-week study guide, featuring scriptural insights, discussion questions, and applications—for individual or group use
Bonus content with detailed explanations of topics mentioned in Four Blood Moons
Additional teaching on key biblical prophecies connected to the 2014-2015 Four Blood Moons
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Four Blood Moons
The Four Blood Moons Companion Study Guide and Journal gives you a deeper understanding of astronomical events and their connection to biblical prophecy. Learn practical ways to prepare for the future as you study what God’s message through the coming Four Blood Moons means for you—and for the world.


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