Secrets In The Hebrew Letters – Joseph Prince (DVD Box Set


Product Description

Did you know that there are pictures of Jesus hidden in the Hebrew alphabet and in certain Hebrew words? And that they all point to His perfect work on the cross? There is no insignificant detail in the Bible, so get these five revelation-packed messages and watch as Joseph Prince uncovers the rich significance and meaning of the Hebrew language by interpreting certain words from the Bible. Through this message series, you will see how an understanding of these words can lead to the breakthroughs you need in life, such as a blessed marriage, divine provision and health. You will definitely be blessed!

5-DVD Box Set (5 sermons—approx. total duration: 6hr 45min)

Disc 1: Secrets Of Grace Found In Hebrew Letters (Approx.: 1hr 29min)
Disc 2: Look At The Bronze Serpent—God’s Provision For Your Every Need (Approx.: 1hr 16min)
Disc 3: Secrets Of Grace For Marriage Found In Hebrew Letters (Approx.: 1hr 8min)
Disc 4: Hidden Secrets To Health In The Hebrew Language (Approx.: 1hr 24min)
Disc 5: Secrets Of Prosperity Hidden In Hebrew Words (Approx.: 1hr 28min)


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