Prayer that gets Answered – Joyce Meyer (CD)


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When you pray do you ever feel like you’re missing the bull’s-eye? Perhaps you think you don’t speak eloquently enough. Or you’re not sure if God even wants to hear what you have to say. There could be dozens of reasons why you think your prayers are missing the mark. The question we must ask is do our prayers line up with God’s Word.
In this two-part teaching series, Joyce shares seven Bible-based truths to help you enjoy a more exhilarating, on-target prayer life. You’ll discover:
•How to keep your prayer life simple, straightforward and fun
•Why you don’t have to worry if your prayers will succeed
•What you can do to help keep God’s good plans in motion
God wants you to pray continually, believing Him for great things to happen! Pray bold prayers, propelled by the power of His Word—and start hitting that bull’s-eye every time.