Prayer How What Why – Joseph Prince (DVD)


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If God is all-knowing and already knows what we need even before we pray, why pray at all? Also, is there biblical support for the need to pray hard” or “pray till you get a breakthrough”? Join Joseph Prince in two revelatory and liberating messages as he debunks common myths about prayer and reveals God’s heart for you in this area. Learn also what earnest prayer truly is, and how you can pray prayers that are acceptable and pleasing to God through your High Priest, Jesus.
The powerful messages in this DVD album will take your prayer life to a whole new level!
This DVD album contains 2 Sermons with 2 Discs
2-DVD Album (2 sermons-approx. total duration: 2hr 30min)
1. Why Pray If God Is All-Knowing? -(approx. 1hr 18min)
2. Debunking Common Myths About Prayer (approx. 1hr 12min)

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