Making Good Habits Breaking Bad Habits Action Plan – Joyce Meyer


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Habits affect nearly everything we do—from brushing our teeth to the way we function and interact with others. Bad habits are detrimental and keep us from enjoying success while good habits are healthy patterns that add joy and power to our lives.
This action plan package includes:
•4 Teachings on 2 DVDs and 4 CDs – You’ll learn how to make or break a habit…along with 14 new behaviors that will energize your life.
•Personal Application Workbook – Interactive teaching notes, journal exercises, Scripture studies, and practical action points for establishing healthy new habits.
•Make 1, Break 1 Sticky Note Reminders – Daily encouragement is key. These customizable notes will allow you to post scriptures and words of inspiration throughout your home, office, or just where you need them.
Making one good habit can actually help break several bad habits! With God’s help and a practical plan, you can begin walking step-by-step into a brand new life.

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