In The House Of Islam (DVD) – David Garrison


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God at work in the Muslim world.
ISIS! Al-Qaeda! Boko Haram! These radical terror groups invade your cable news channels every day. But there is another story, an even greater story that is unfolding across the Muslim world today.
Come journey with us into the House of Islam, the sprawling spiritual home to the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims, stretching from West Africa to Indonesia. God’s Spirit is at work today in the Muslim world! God promised that the prayers of the righteous are powerful and effective. Today, we are seeing those prayers pull down strongholds of opposition within the House of Islam, resulting in the greatest turning of Muslims to Christ in history!
In this remarkable new video, you’ll discover how, where, and why more than 80% of all the Muslim movements to Christ in all of history are taking place right now! You will learn about what Muslims believe, their practices, their heart desires, and how they are responding as never before to the gospel of Jesus Christ. This video will inform, inspire, and challenge you to join God in this unprecedented movement of Muslims to faith in Jesus Christ around the world, and in your own community. Most importantly, you’ll learn first-hand how God is at work in the House of Islam drawing hundreds of thousands of Muslims to new life in Jesus Christ.

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