Enjoying a Life of Freedom – Joyce Meyer (4CD set)


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The quality of your life is determined by the decisions you make. Jesus, who came to show what the Father is like, made decisions based on love and compassion. His selfless, genuine love brought healing and freedom to all who would receive Him.
In this insightful series, Joyce shares:
*How to avoid the dangerous pit of self-deception
*The advantages of feeding the inner man with God’s Word
*How to distinguish between the flesh and the spirit
*The power to change your life by changing your choices
CD Titles Include:
*CD 1 – Actions and Consequences
*CD 2 – You Reap What You Sow
*CD 3 – The Flesh Wants Control
*CD 4 – Temptation and Self-Control

As a Christian, freedom belongs to you. By applying these easy-to-understand concepts, you can experience a greater level of freedom and joy than ever before. The greatest days of your life are just ahead!

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