Break Free – Joseph Prince (DVD set)


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Do you find yourself doing what you don’t want to do, and not doing what you want to do? How can destructive habits, such as pornography addiction, be truly broken once and for all? Discover the answer to lasting victory and freedom in two powerful messages by Joseph Prince. See how your struggles with sin and bondages finally cease when you see your solution as the person of Christ Himself—and His amazing grace and gift of no condemnation. Listen to the life-changing messages today, and simply allow the Lord’s grace to lead you to effortless victory over condemnation and every addiction in your life!
This DVD Album contains 2 sermons with 2 DVDs (approx. total duration: 2hr 47min)
1. Breaking Porn Addiction Through Grace (Approx. 1hr 21min)
2. Jesus—The End Of Your Struggles (Approx. 1hr 26min)

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