Super Heroes Prayer Book – Carolyn Larsen (Hardcover)


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“90 super prayers for ordinary boys to be extraordinary for Jesus.”
Little boys are convinced that it’s beyond amazing to be able to fly like Superman, to be as strong as the Hulk or to be as fast as the Flash. But those super powers don’t come close to the greatest super power of all – prayer!
That’s exactly what boys will learn in the Super Heroes Prayer Book by Carolyn Larsen (author) and Joe Goode (illustrator) – they can do just about anything if they just pray to God. The action-packed illustrations with a comic book feel accompany 90 super prayers and key Scripture verses that ordinary boys can pray to become extraordinary super heroes for Jesus. The prayers are divided into 15 sections that include prayers for when they’re scared, don’t understand something, sad or when they want to pray for friends or family members.
The Super Heroes Prayer Book will show these young super heroes that God loves them so much, because they are His own special super heroes on earth and He will give them whatever they need to do His work.

Also available in Afrikaans Superhelde – gebedeboek

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