Minnesota Cuke – Veggietales (DVD)


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Minnesota Cuke & The Search for Samsons Hairbrush – A Lesson in Dealing with Bullies.
Hold on to your hats, adventure lovers! It’s the most mysterious and intriguing VeggieTales ever!
It’s A Vegetable Adventure!
Can the Veggies Capture Samson’s Hairbrush and Put an End to Bullying?
Larry the Cucumber stars at Minnesota Cuke, a children’s museum curator and a part-time adventurist hired to secure Samson’s lost hairbrush before its purported powers are used to carry out a harebrained scheme to control both sides of Niagara Falls! Could this preposterous plot be the dirty work of Minnesota’s long-time nemesis Professor Rattan?
In this hair-raising, trans-global adventure the award-winning story tellers at Big Idea take you from Moose Lake to Malta, in an exciting VeggieTales episode that reminds us that God wants us to be courageous when facing bullies.
Plus see Junior Asparagus confront the schoolyard thug in “BULLY TROUBLE”.
Special Bonus Silly Song! Pizza Angel

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