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“Shame lies to us. It robs us of the very freedom we long for and shackles us in the prison of our past. You are not to live bound by shame because you have been set free.”
This is bestselling author Christine Caine’s clarion call to women worldwide. In Unashamed, she reveals the often-hidden consequences of shame―in her own life and the lives of so many Christian women―and invites them to join her in moving from a shame-filled to a shame-free life.
In her passionate style, Christine helps not only each woman who reads Unashamed to grow in freedom and strength by breaking from her own past―no matter how painful―she empowers her with the confidence and insight to become shame-lifters for others.
Ultimately, Unashamed paves the way for women to do what previously seemed unthinkable: Turn the difficulties they’ve faced and the mistakes they’ve made into opportunities to step into the future with confidence, full of purpose, and free from shame.

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