Turn it around – Angelique du Toit


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Angelique du Toit’s latest release on turning your life around and finding new meaning and purpose.
Are you tired of going through the same daily grind without finding real fulfillment in your day-to-day existence? Do you have a dream you’ve pushed aside in the pursuit of making it through each exhausting week? In the busyness of the modern world, it is difficult to step out of the fray and regain one’s perspective on life. But in so doing, we give ourselves the opportunity of reshaping, reframing and reforming our thinking.
In her newest title, Angelique du Toit reminds readers that “there is every hope for you to shift your perceptions in a changing world and live in God-created abundance and joy in every sphere of your life.”
Using real-life examples from her own experiences, Angelique shows you how to practically apply proven and godly principles, helping you to shift your perspective and turn your life around to live a life of purpose, integrity, adventure and excellence.

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