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A comprehensive, ready reference to Bible subjects.
The importance of the Bible for spiritual formation cannot be overstated. It is in the pages of Scripture that you come to know God through Jesus Christ. At times the world of the Bible can seem strange and distant, and the number of subjects mentioned is virtually countless.
The Baker Illustrated Bible Dictionary helps you read the Bible with increased understanding and confidence, offering easy access to articles on people, places, things, and events in Scripture, even if they only appear in a single verse. It is comprehensive, with extensive cross-referencing to related articles; it includes authoritative articles on the books of the Bible; and it provides a ready reference to up-to-date scholarship from biblical studies, archaeology, geography, history, and theology with more than
•1,700 full-colour pages,
•400 colour illustrations, maps, and photos,
•5,000 articles by leading evangelical scholars.
Entirely new, up-to-date, nontechnical, and easy-to-use, this comprehensive Bible dictionary will be an indispensable reference for your own personal study of God’s Word or in preparation for teaching.

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