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The A to Z of Names (Revised and Expanded Edition) is the new, expanded version of the popular reference book that reveals the true meaning of our names. The previous edition explored the origin and meaning of more than 9 000 South African men’s and women’s names. Now, in this expanded version even more names have been added! The revised and expanded edition:
• Shows how some names reflect the circumstances at the time of birth, the time or day, birth order, parents’ reaction to the birth and appearance or desired characteristics. • Indicates that there is a strong trend towards using surnames as given names. • Connects names to occupations, colors, animals or birds; plants, virtues or tasks. • Includes names of famous persons and feminine forms of masculine names • Features a section at the back that explores the Christian perspective on the importance of names and the promise it holds. The A to Z of Names (Revised and Expanded Edition) is a comprehensive and authoritative guide with easy access to the origin and meaning of most South African names and the special promise each name holds.

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