Fall Seven Times Stand Up Eight – John Mason


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“Winners, no matter how many times they fall, rise up again and again.”
It doesn’t matter how many times life knocks you down. It’s how many times you get up that matters.
Best-selling author John Mason’s Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight is packed with biblical guidance, practical advice, inspirational quotes and life-changing principles from world-changing leaders across history.
The three sections – looking inward, looking outward, looking upward – will help you to identify your limitations to build yourself up. The 42 principles that will help you realize that success is guaranteed for those who never give up, include:
· Have the courage to live. Anyone can quit.
· When you’re good at making excuses, it’s hard to be good at anything else.
· Comparison is never proof.
· If you’re afraid of criticism you’ll die doing nothing.
· You can never depend upon God too much.
· Miracles begin in your heart.

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