Experiencing tthe Heavenly Realm – Judy Franklin & Beni Johnson


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You Can Experience the Heavenly Places…Now!
What does it mean to be seated with Christ in heavenly places? Many Christians are familiar with this Biblical language…but does it have practical, everyday meaning? Is it possible to experience the heavenly realms today? Yes!
In this newly expanded edition of Experiencing the Heavenly Realm, Judy Franklin leads you on a step-by-step journey borne out of her own supernatural experiences. Judy will show you how to Biblically encounter the heavenly realm and its life-changing joy, intimacy with God, healing and wholeness—just like she did!
Discover how to:
1.• Activate your capacity to see into the supernatural.
2.• Experience a love in the third heaven realm like you have never been known before.
3.• Be touched and healed by the Lord: emotionally, mentally and physically.
4.• Go from knowing about Jesus to knowing Him on an experiential level.
If you hunger for a deeper, more experiential relationship with God, the visions, testimonies and supernatural stories you read about will help you usher you into a lifestyle of divine encounters!

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