Powerful According to God – Watchman Nee – Paperback


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31 Days of Meditation in Prayer from the Writings of Watchman Nee .Prayer is the very breath of spiritual life. It begins with the sinner’s prayer and it ends with the saint’s final committing his spirit to God. It is so simple that a child can utter, yet it is so profound that it requires a lifetime to learn. There is no graduation from the school of prayer. Prayer measures the spirituality of a believer. It is the highest ministry one can ever render to God. In this present volume brother Watchman Nee shares with us his thoughts on prayer so as to help us in our meditation. He leads us from why do we pray through how should we pray to how can we be powerful according to God in prayer. This spiritual art of prayer is open to all who have a heart for God. The materials of this new book are all taken from the previous publications of Watchman Nee. Out of all his many thoughts on prayer, excerpts are chosen to form this special volume of prayer. It is our sincere wish that this new compilation will help the readers to better grasp the essence of prayer and to serve as an incentive for deeper meditation of prayer.


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