Look Great Feel Great – Joyce Meyer


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12 Keys to enjoying a healthy life now. Our bodies are our God-given instruments for experiencing a fulfilling life, for doing good works and for spiritual development. God’s plan for each of us involves maintaining a sound mind, body and soul.
In her latest book, Joyce addresses the ‘self-esteem drought’ that leads us to bad health habits. She includes practical tools that help make complete self-maintenance an easy part of any daily routine. Revealing 12 keys to reclaiming our health through such things as exercise, eating habits, soul care and responsibility, Joyce uses her engaging style to reveal how simple the restoration process really is.
Key 1–Finding the strength for the heavy lifting; Key 2–Learning to love your body; Key 3–Mastering metabolism; Key 4–Essential Exercise; Key 5–Balanced eating Key; 6–Water your soul; Key 7–Mindful eating; Key 8–Curb your spiritual hunger; Key 9–Necessary food and necessary sleep; Key 10–Right vision; Key 11–Make it easy; Key 12–Take responsibility.

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